Interface: City of Fresno Traffic Operations Center - CSU Fresno Research Program

City of Fresno Traffic Operations Center to CSU Fresno Research Program Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

archive analysis requests  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

A user request that initiates data mining, analytical processing, aggregation or summarization, report formulation, or other advanced processing and analysis of archived data. The request also includes information that is used to identify and authenticate the user and support electronic payment requirements, if any.

archive analysis results  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Processed information products, supporting meta data, and any associated transaction information resulting from data mining, analytical processing, aggregation or summarization, report formulation, or other on-line processing and analysis of archived data.

archive request confirmation  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Confirmation that an archive request has been received and processed with information on the disposition of the request.

device control request  (Planned)  

Request for device control action

device data  (Existing)  

Data from detectors, environmental sensor stations, and traffic control devices including device inventory information.

device status  (Existing)  

Status information from devices

emergency traffic coordination  (Existing)  

Coordination supporting disaster response including evacuation and reentry. Includes coordination of special traffic control strategies that support efficient evacuation and reentry while protecting and optimizing movement of response vehicles and other resources responding to the emergency.

incident information  (Planned)  

Notification of existence of incident and expected severity, location, time and nature of incident. As additional information is gathered and the incident evolves, updated incident information is provided. Incidents include any event that impacts transportation system operation ranging from routine incidents (e.g., disabled vehicle at the side of the road) through large-scale natural or human-caused disasters that involve loss of life, injuries, extensive property damage, and multi-jurisdictional response. This also includes special events, closures, and other planned events that may impact the transportation system.

road network conditions  (Planned)  

Current and forecasted traffic information, road and weather conditions, and other road network status. Either raw data, processed data, or some combination of both may be provided by this architecture flow. Information on diversions and alternate routes, closures, and special traffic restrictions (lane/shoulder use, weight restrictions, width restrictions, HOV requirements) in effect is included along with a definition of the links, nodes, and routes that make up the road network.

traffic archive data  (Planned)  

Information describing the use and vehicle composition on transportation facilities and the traffic control strategies employed. Content may include a catalog of available information, the actual information to be archived, and associated meta data that describes the archived information.

traffic images  (Planned)  

High fidelity, real-time traffic images suitable for surveillance monitoring by the operator or for use in machine vision applications.