Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

American AmbulanceFresno County EMS Communications Center
California Department of Motor VehiclesCalifornia DMV Vehicle Credentialing System
California Highway Patrol Central DivisionCHP Fresno Dispatch Center
CHP Public Information Officer
CHP TMC Media Information Officer
CHP Vehicles
CHP Weigh-In-Motion
California Office of Emergency ServicesCalifornia Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
Caltrans District 6Caltrans D6 Active Traffic Management
Caltrans D6 Changeable Message Sign
Caltrans D6 Connected Vehicle Infrastructure
Caltrans D6 Environmental Sensor Stations
Caltrans D6 Freeway CCTV
Caltrans D6 Highway Advisory Radio
Caltrans D6 Maintenance Center
Caltrans D6 Maintenance Vehicles
Caltrans D6 Park and Ride Facilities
Caltrans D6 Portable Traffic Control
Caltrans D6 Public Information Office
Caltrans D6 Ramp Meters
Caltrans D6 Safety Monitoring Device
Caltrans D6 Security Detection
Caltrans D6 Traffic Signal
Caltrans D6 Vehicle Detection Systems
Caltrans D6/CHP Central Valley TMC
Freeway Service Patrol Vehicles
Caltrans HeadquartersCaltrans Hazardous Waste Management
Caltrans Performance Monitoring System (PeMS)
Caltrans Quickmaps Website
Caltrans Transportation Permits
City of ClovisClovis Active Traffic Management System
Clovis CCTV System
Clovis Dynamic Message Sign System
Clovis Fire/Police
Clovis Fire/Police Vehicles
Clovis Highway Advisory Radio
Clovis Maintenance Center
Clovis Maintenance Vehicles
Clovis Traffic Operations Center
Clovis Traffic Signal System
Clovis Transit Automated Vehicle Location System
Clovis Transit Automatic Passenger Counter System
Clovis Transit Electronic Fare Payment System
Clovis Transit Management Center
Clovis Transit On-Board Security Cameras
Clovis Transit Passenger Information System
Clovis Transit Round Up Demand Response Transit Vehicle
Clovis Transit Stageline Fixed Route Transit Vehicle
Clovis Variable Speed Limit Sign
Clovis Vehicle Detection Systems
Clovis Website
City of FresnoCity of Fresno Active Traffic Management System
City of Fresno CCTV System
City of Fresno Changeable Message Sign System
City of Fresno Connected Vehicle Infrastructure
City of Fresno Fire/Police
City of Fresno Fire/Police Vehicles
City of Fresno Fleet Management
City of Fresno Maintenance Vehicles
City of Fresno Safety Monitoring Device
City of Fresno Traffic Engineering Website
City of Fresno Traffic Operations Center
City of Fresno Traffic Signals
City of Fresno Vehicle Detection Systems
Commercial VehiclesCommercial Vehicles
County of FresnoFresno County Emergency Operations Center
Fresno County Fire Protection District
Fresno County GIS
Fresno County Maintenance and Operations Division
Fresno County Maintenance Vehicles
Fresno County Portable Traffic Control
Fresno County Sheriff Department
Fresno County Sheriff PSAP
Fresno County Sheriff Vehicles
Fresno County Vehicle Detection Systems
Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District
Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District Environmental Sensors
CSU FresnoCSU Fresno Research Program
Financial InstitutionsFinancial Institutions
Fresno Area ExpressFAX Automated Vehicle Location System
FAX Automatic Passenger Counter System
FAX Electronic Fare Payment System
FAX Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
FAX Handy Ride Demand Responsive Transit Vehicles
FAX Kiosks
FAX Metro Pass
FAX Mobile Application
FAX Public Information Office
FAX Q Bus Rapid Transit Vehicles
FAX Security Detection System
FAX Transit Management Center
FAX Website
Fresno Council of GovernmentsCentral Transit Management Server
Fresno COG San Joaquin Valley 511
Fresno COG Valleyrides Rideshare Program
Fresno Information Exchange Network
Regional Fare Pass
Fresno County Rural Transit AgencyFCRTA Local Area Transit Automatic Passenger Counter
FCRTA Local Area Transit Demand Responsive Transit Vehicle
FCRTA Local Area Transit Fixed Route Transit Vehicle
FCRTA Local Area Transit Kiosks
FCRTA Transit Management Center
Fresno Yosemite International AirportFresno Yosemite International Airport
Kern Council of GovernmentsKern 511
Local JurisdictionsHuron Disaster Warning System
Huron Speed Warning System
Local Jurisdiction Emergency Service Vehicles
Local Jurisdiction Fire/Police
Local Jurisdiction Maintenance Vehicles
Local Jurisdiction Public Works
Local Railroad Crossing
Local Traffic Signal System
Railroad Operations
Sanger Vehicle Detection Systems
National Weather ServiceNational Weather Service
Neighboring Caltrans District TMCsCaltrans D10 TMC
Caltrans D5 TMC
Caltrans D7 TMC
Caltrans D8 TMC
Caltrans D9 TMC
Private Information Service ProvidersPrivate Information Service Providers
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control DistrictFresno Area Environmental Detection System
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Mobile Source Emissions Monitoring
State of CaliforniaCalifornia Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
TravelersPersonal Computing Devices
VehiclesGeneral On-Board Vehicle Equipment