Standards are an important tool that will allow efficient implementation of the Regional ITS Architecture over time. Standards facilitate deployment of interoperable systems at local, regional, and national levels without impeding innovation as technology advances, vendors change, and new approaches evolve. The table below identifies each of the ITS standards that may apply to the ITS Architecture. Each standard is a link to a page that identifies the portion of the ITS Architecture that may be supported by the standard.

SDODocument IDTitleType
AASHTO/ITEITE TMDDTraffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) and Message Sets for External Traffic Management Center Communications (MS/ETMCC)Message/Data
AASHTO/ITE/NEMANTCIP 1201Global Object DefinitionsMessage/Data
NTCIP 1202Object Definitions for Actuated Traffic Signal Controller (ASC) UnitsMessage/Data
NTCIP 1203Object Definitions for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)Message/Data
NTCIP 1204Object Definitions for Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS)Message/Data
NTCIP 1205Object Definitions for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera ControlMessage/Data
NTCIP 1206Object Definitions for Data Collection and Monitoring (DCM) DevicesMessage/Data
NTCIP 1207Object Definitions for Ramp Meter Control (RMC) UnitsMessage/Data
NTCIP 1208Object Definitions for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) SwitchingMessage/Data
NTCIP 1209Data Element Definitions for Transportation Sensor Systems (TSS)Message/Data
NTCIP 1210Field Management Stations (FMS) - Part 1: Object Definitions for Signal System MastersMessage/Data
NTCIP 1211Object Definitions for Signal Control and Prioritization (SCP)Message/Data
NTCIP 1214Object Definitions for Conflict Monitor Units (CMU)Message/Data
View ListNTCIP Center-to-Center Standards GroupGroup
View ListNTCIP Center-to-Field Standards GroupGroup
ANSIANSI TS813Electronic Filing of Tax Return DataMessage/Data
APTAAPTA TCIP-S-001 3.0.4Standard for Transit Communications Interface ProfilesMessage/Data
ASTMASTM E2468-05Standard Practice for Metadata to Support Archived Data Management SystemsOther
ASTM E2665-08Standard Specifications for Archiving ITS-Generated Traffic Monitoring DataMessage/Data
View ListDedicated Short Range Communication at 915 MHz Standards GroupGroup
ASTM/IEEE/SAEView ListDedicated Short Range Communication at 5.9 GHz Standards GroupGroup
IEEEIEEE 1455-1999Standard for Message Sets for Vehicle/Roadside CommunicationsMessage/Data
View ListIncident Management Standards GroupGroup
SAESAE J2735Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set DictionaryMessage/Data
View ListAdvanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) General Use Standards GroupGroup
View ListAdvanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) Bandwidth Limited Standards GroupGroup