Interface: Fresno COG Valleyrides Rideshare Program - FAX Transit Management Center

Fresno COG Valleyrides Rideshare Program to FAX Transit Management Center Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

demand responsive transit plan  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Plan regarding overall demand responsive transit schedules and deployment.

demand responsive transit request  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Request for paratransit support.

emergency transit schedule information  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Information on transit schedule and service changes that adapt the service to better meet needs of responders and the general public in an emergency situation, including special service schedules supporting evacuation.

personal transit information  (Planned)  

General and personalized transit information for a particular fixed route, flexible route, or paratransit system.

selected routes  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Routes selected based on route request criteria.

transit and fare schedules  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Transit service information including routes, schedules, and fare information.

transit incident information  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Information on transit incidents that impact transit services for public dissemination.

transit information request  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Request for transit operations information including schedule and fare information. The request can be a subscription that initiates as-needed information updates as well as a one-time request for information.

transit information user request  (Planned)  

Request for special transit routing, real-time schedule information, and availability information.

transit probe data  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Aggregate probe data derived from tracking transit vehicles. Data collected could include transit vehicle speeds and travel times for a given link or collection of links.

transit request confirmation  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Confirmation of a request for transit information or service.

transit schedule adherence information  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Dynamic transit schedule adherence and transit vehicle location information.

transit trip plan  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

An origin-destination transit trip that may involve multiple modes and connections. (could use current trip plan that is PIAS to ISP, but since this is center to center a separate AF might be called for).

transit trip request  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Request for a transit trip plan that is responsive to traveler requirements such as schedule, cost, or duration.

trip confirmation  (Planned)  

Acknowledgement by the driver/traveler of acceptance of a trip plan with associated personal and payment information required to confirm reservations.

trip plan  (Planned)  

A travel itinerary identifying a route and associated traveler information and instructions identifying recommended modes and transfer information, ride sharing options, and transit and parking reservation information.