Vehicle Intersection Control Functional Area


On-board systems to detect an impending collision in an intersection prior to crash impact and automatically avoid the intersection collision. May also take input from devices in the infrastructure.

Included In


Functional Requirements

1The vehicle shall monitor the area surrounding the vehicle as it approaches an intersection to determine the proximity of other objects to the vehicle. Obstacles could include animals, other vehicles, pedestrians, debris in roadway etc.
2The vehicle shall evaluate the likelihood of a collision between two vehicles or a vehicle and a stationary object, based on the proximity of other objects to the vehicle and the current speed and direction of the vehicle.
3The vehicle shall monitor its approach to the intersection and determine if it is approaching the intersection with excessive speed or in an unsafe manner.
4The vehicle shall send its current position, velocity, acceleration, direction, and intended turning movement to the roadway field equipment.
5The vehicle shall receive warnings and collision avoidance data (intersection congestion, approaching vehicles, potential collision hazards, etc.) from the roadway field equipment.
6The vehicle shall provide warnings to the driver about the presence of potentially hazardous situations and need for immediate action.
7The vehicle shall send appropriate control actions to the vehicle's braking and steering actuators.
8The vehicle shall deploy a pre-crash safety system either to avoid the accident or to reduce the accident severity, once it has determined the probability of a collision to be high.
9The vehicle shall present information to the driver in audible or visual forms without impairing the driver's ability to control the vehicle in a safe manner.