Government Reporting Systems Support Functional Area


Selects and formats data residing in an ITS archive to facilitate local, state, and federal government data reporting requirements.

Included In

Caltrans D6/CHP Central Valley TMC
Caltrans Performance Monitoring System (PeMS)
Central Transit Management Server

Functional Requirements

1The center shall provide data from an ITS archive to federal, state, or local government reporting systems.
2The center shall provide the capability to select data from an ITS archive for use in government reports.
3The center shall provide the capability to format data from an ITS archive suitable for input into government reports.
4The center shall support requests for ITS archived data from Government Reporting Systems.
5The center shall provide the applicable meta-data for any ITS archived data to satisfy government reporting system requests. Meta-data may include attributes that describe the source and quality of the data and the conditions surrounding the collection of the data.