Traffic and Roadside Data Archival Functional Area


Collects and archives traffic and environmental information directly from the roadside for use in off-line planning, research, and analysis.

Included In

Caltrans D6/CHP Central Valley TMC
Caltrans Performance Monitoring System (PeMS)
Central Transit Management Server

Functional Requirements

1The center shall manage the collection of archive data directly from collection equipment located at the roadside.
2The center shall collect traffic sensor information from roadside devices.
3The center shall collect environmental sensor information that from roadside devices.
4The center shall respond to requests from the Archive Data Administer to input the parameters that control the collection process.
5The center shall send the request for data and control parameters to the field equipment where the information is collected and returned.
6The center shall record the status about the imported traffic and roadside data.
7The center shall use the status information to adjust the collection of traffic and roadside data.