MCM Work Activity Coordination Functional Area


Disseminates work activity schedules and current asset restrictions to other agencies. Work schedules are coordinated, factoring in the needs and activities of other agencies and adjacent jurisdictions.

Included In

Caltrans D6 Maintenance Center
City of Fresno Fleet Management
Local Jurisdiction Public Works
Fresno County Maintenance and Operations Division

Functional Requirements

1The center shall provide work zone activities affecting the road network including the nature of the maintenance or construction activity, location, impact to the roadway, expected time(s) and duration of impact, anticipated delays, alternate routes, and suggested speed limits. This information may be augmented with images that provide a visual indication of current work zone status and traffic impacts.
2The center shall provide status information about scheduled maintenance and construction activities including anticipated closures and impact to the roadway, alternate routes, anticipated delays, closure times, and durations. The information is provided to other management centers such as traffic, emergency, transit, traveler information providers, other maintenance centers, multimodal transportation providers, rail operations, and the media.
3The center shall collect and respond to feedback concerning scheduled maintenance and construction activities with other management centers such as traffic, emergency, transit, and rail operations.
4The center shall collect and disseminate asset restriction information levied on transportation asset usage based on infrastructure design, surveys, tests, or analyses. This includes standard facility design height, width, and weight restrictions, special restrictions such as spring weight restrictions, and temporary facility restrictions that are imposed during maintenance and construction.
5The center shall exchange information with administrative systems to support the planning and scheduling of maintenance and construction activities. This information includes: equipment and consumables resupply purchase request status, personnel qualifications including training and special certifications, environmental regulations and rules that may impact maintenance activities, and requests and project requirements from contract administration.
6The center shall exchange rail schedules and work plans with rail operations centers.