HRI Traffic Management Functional Area


Remotely monitor and control highway-rail intersection (HRI) equipment, includes standard speed active warning systems and high speed systems which provide additional information on approaching trains and detect and report on obstructions in the HRI.

Included In

Caltrans D6/CHP Central Valley TMC

Functional Requirements

1The center shall remotely control highway-rail intersection (HRI) equipment located in the field.
2The center shall accept collect highway-rail intersection (HRI) advisory or alert data from rail operations centers.
3The center shall collect highway-rail intersection (HRI) equipment operational status and compare against the control information sent by the center.
4The center shall provide the highway-rail intersection (HRI) equipment operational status to rail operations centers.
5The center shall collect incident information related to a highway-rail intersection (HRI), such as intersection blockages or crashes or equipment malfunctions.
6The center shall implement control plans to coordinate signalized intersections around highway-rail intersections (HRI), under control of center personnel, based on data from sensors and surveillance monitoring traffic conditions, incidents, equipment faults, pedestrian crossings, etc.