Emergency Routing Functional Area


Routing of emergency vehicles to facilitate the quickest/safest arrival. Routes may be determined based on real-time traffic information and road conditions or routes may be provided by Traffic Management on request.

Included In

Clovis Fire/Police
City of Fresno Fire/Police
Fresno County Sheriff Department

Functional Requirements

1The center shall collect current traffic and road condition information for emergency vehicle route calculation.
2The center shall receive information on the location and status of traffic control equipment and work zones along potential emergency routes.
3The center shall receive status information from care facilities to determine the appropriate facility and its location.
4The center shall receive asset restriction information to support the dispatching of appropriate emergency resources.
5The center shall receive current railroad schedule information for emergency vehicle route calculation.
6The center shall track current emergency vehicle location and status.
7The center shall calculate emergency vehicle routes, under center personnel control, based on the collected traffic and road conditions information.
8The center shall request and receive ingress and egress routes or other specialized emergency access routes from the traffic management center.
9The center shall provide the capability to request special traffic control measures, such as signal preemption, from the traffic management center to facilitate emergency vehicle progress along the suggested route.
10Once the route is calculated the route shall be provided to the dispatch function.
11The center shall provide the capability for digitized map data to act as the background to the information presented to the emergency system operator.