ISP Traveler Information Alerts Functional Area


Provides personalized traveler information alerts, notifying travelers of relevant congestion, incidents, transit schedule delays. and other actionable information that may impact a trip. Relevant alerts are selected based on user-configurable parameters and thresholds.

Included In

Caltrans Quickmaps Website

Functional Requirements

1The center shall accept traveler profiles that establish recurring trip characteristics including route, mode, and timeframe information.
2The center shall accept traveler profiles that define alert thresholds that establish the severity and types of alerts that are provided to each traveler.
3The center shall disseminate personalized traffic alerts reporting congestion, incidents, delays, detours and road closures that may impact a current or planned trip.
4The center shall disseminate personalized transit alerts reporting transit delays and service interruptions.
5The center shall disseminate personalized parking alerts reporting parking availability and closures.
6The center shall disseminate personalized road weather alerts reporting adverse road and weather conditions.
7The center shall disseminate personalized multimodal transportation service alerts including ferry and air travel delays, port closures, and service interruptions.
8The center shall disseminate personalized event alerts reporting special event impacts on the transportation system.
9The center shall provide an operator interface that supports monitoring and management of subscribers and the content and format of alert messages.