On-board Paratransit Operations Functional Area


On-board systems to manage paratransit and flexible-route dispatch requests, including multi-stop runs. Passenger data is collected and provided to the center.

Included In

FCRTA Local Area Transit Demand Responsive Transit Vehicle
Clovis Transit Round Up Demand Response Transit Vehicle
FAX Handy Ride Demand Responsive Transit Vehicles

Functional Requirements

1The transit vehicle shall manage data input to sensor(s) on-board a transit vehicle to determine the vehicle's availability for use in demand responsive and flexible-route transit services based on identity, type, and passenger capacity.
2The transit vehicle shall receive the status of demand responsive or flexible-route transit schedules and passenger loading from the transit vehicle operator.
3The transit vehicle shall provide the transit vehicle operator instructions about the demand responsive or flexible-route transit schedule that has been confirmed from the center.
4The transit vehicle shall provide the capability to log passenger boardings and alightings and make passenger use data available to the transit center.