Personal Trip Planning and Route Guidance Functional Area


Personal traveler interface that coordinates with a traveler information center to provide a trip plan that is tailored to the traveler's preferences. During the trip, the route plan can be modified to account for new information. Devices include desktop computers at home, work, or at major trip generation sites, plus personal portable devices such as PDAs and pagers.

Included In

Clovis Website
FAX Website
FAX Mobile Application

Functional Requirements

1The personal traveler interface shall provide the capability for a traveler to request and confirm multi-modal route guidance from a specified source to a destination.
2The personal traveler interface shall forward the request for route guidance to a traveler information center for route calculation.
3The personal traveler interface shall forward user preferences, background information, constraints, and payment information to the supplying traveler information center.
4The personal traveler interface shall present information to the traveler in audible or visual forms consistent with a personal device, and suitable for travelers with hearing and vision physical disabilities.
5The personal traveler interface shall support an interface with a map update provider, or other appropriate data sources, through which updates of digitized map data can be obtained and used for route guidance displays.