Rail Operations Coordination Functional Area


Coordination between rail operations and traffic management centers - exchanging train schedules, maintenance schedules, as well as incidents and priority messages that impact highway-rail intersections (HRIs. Supports advanced traffic control strategies and enhanced traveler information.

Included In

City of Fresno Traffic Operations Center
Clovis Traffic Operations Center
Caltrans D6/CHP Central Valley TMC
Local Jurisdiction Public Works

Functional Requirements

1The center shall exchange highway-rail intersection (HRI) information with rail operations centers. This information may include event schedules, requests for information from the Rail Operators, incident notification based on rail operations messages, and priority messages like notifications of a HAZMAT spill, equipment failure, or an intersection blockage.
2The center shall receive highway-rail intersection (HRI) maintenance schedules, train schedules, and incident notifications from rail operations centers.
3The center shall use the rail operations information to develop forecast HRI closure times and durations which may be applied in advanced traffic control strategies or delivered as enhanced traveler information.