Roadway Short Range Traveler Information Communications Functional Area


Field elements that distribute information to in-vehicle equipment. The information provided may be determined locally or under the control of a center.

Included In

Sanger Vehicle Detection Systems
Clovis Vehicle Detection Systems
Clovis CCTV System
Caltrans D6 Environmental Sensor Stations
Caltrans D6 Vehicle Detection Systems
Caltrans D6 Changeable Message Sign
City of Fresno Vehicle Detection Systems
City of Fresno CCTV System

Functional Requirements

1The field element shall distribute traveler information including traffic and road conditions to passing vehicles using short range communications, under center control.
2The field element shall distribute advisory information, such as evacuation information, wide-area alerts, incident information, work zone intrusion information, and other special information to passing vehicles using short range communications, under center control.
3The field element shall distribute indicator and fixed sign information, including static sign information (e.g., stop, curve warning, guide signs, service signs, and directional signs) and dynamic information (e.g., current signal states and local conditions warnings identified by local environmental sensors) to equipment on-board vehicles under center control.
4The field element shall return system operational status to the controlling center.
5The field element shall return system fault data to the maintenance center for repair.