Roadway Intersection Safety Warning Functional Area


Field elements that determine the probability of a collision in an intersection or at a railroad crossing and inform approaching vehicles using short-range wireless communications to the vehicles and traffic signal controls.

Included In

General On-Board Vehicle Equipment
City of Fresno Connected Vehicle Infrastructure
Caltrans D6 Connected Vehicle Infrastructure

Functional Requirements

1The field element shall utilize traffic sensors to monitor vehicles approaching and occupying an intersection.
2The field element shall monitor the operational state, signal timing, and current phase of the traffic signal.
3The field element shall monitor road conditions on approaches to, and within, the intersection.
4The field element shall communicate with approaching vehicles to determine vehicle position, velocity, acceleration, direction, and intended turning movement.
5The field element shall detect potentially hazardous conditions including impending red-light or stop sign violations and potential conflicts between approaching vehicles.
6The field element shall provide intersection status and warnings to approaching vehicles using field-vehicle communications.
7The field element shall update signs or signals to warn the driver of potentially hazardous situations.