Fresno County Rural Transit Agency


Fresno County Rural Transit Agency (FCRTA) is an umbrella organization that coordinates rural transit operators and services in Fresno County. The rural transit operators typically provide internal circulator services within the rural communities in which they are based, as well as fixed route service between the rural community in which they are based and other rural communities and the Fresno-Clovis Metro area. The rural transit operators also typically provide varying levels of demand responsive services. FCRTA maintains its vehicles at a FAX vehicle maintenance facility. FCRTA provides centralized dispatch for most of the rural transit operators, as well as an automated vehicle location (AVL) system on portions of the overall fleet. Coach operators utilize tablet computers to receive manifest and passenger information from dispatchers. FCRTA also uses reservation software to manage bus and trip assignments.

Associated Inventory

FCRTA Local Area Transit Fixed Route Transit Vehicle
FCRTA Local Area Transit Demand Responsive Transit Vehicle
FCRTA Transit Management Center
FCRTA Local Area Transit Automatic Passenger Counter
FCRTA Local Area Transit Kiosks