ATIS05-ISP Based Trip Planning and Route Guidance




This service package offers the user trip planning and en-route guidance services. It generates a trip plan, including a multimodal route and associated service information (e.g., parking information), based on traveler preferences and constraints. Routes may be based on static information or reflect real time network conditions. Unlike ATIS3 and ATIS4, where the user equipment determines the route, the route determination functions are performed in the Information Service Provider Subsystem in this service package. The trip plan may be confirmed by the traveler and advanced payment and reservations for transit and alternate mode (e.g., airline, rail, and ferry) trip segments, and ancillary services (e.g., parking reservations) are accepted and processed. The confirmed trip plan may include specific routing information that can be supplied to the traveler as general directions or as turn-by-turn route guidance depending on the level of user equipment.

Includes Elements

FCRTA Transit Management Center
FCRTA Local Area Transit Kiosks
Clovis Transit Management Center
Clovis Website
Clovis Transit Passenger Information System
FAX Transit Management Center
FAX Kiosks
FAX Website
FAX Mobile Application
Central Transit Management Server
Personal Computing Devices