FAX Transit Management Center




Fresno Area Express Transit Management Center (comprised of multiple center locations) that manages, dispatches, and organizes the fixed route and demand responsive transit services within the City of Fresno and into the City of Clovis.


Fresno Area Express


Transit Management

Interfaces To

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Caltrans D6/CHP Central Valley TMC
Central Transit Management Server
City of Fresno Fire/Police
City of Fresno Fleet Management
City of Fresno Traffic Engineering Website
City of Fresno Traffic Operations Center
Clovis Transit Management Center
FAX Automated Vehicle Location System
FAX Automatic Passenger Counter System
FAX Electronic Fare Payment System
FAX Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
FAX Handy Ride Demand Responsive Transit Vehicles
FAX Kiosks
FAX Mobile Application
FAX Public Information Office
FAX Q Bus Rapid Transit Vehicles
FAX Security Detection System
FAX Website
FCRTA Transit Management Center
Financial Institutions
Fresno COG San Joaquin Valley 511
Fresno COG Valleyrides Rideshare Program
Fresno County Emergency Operations Center
Fresno County Sheriff PSAP
Fresno Information Exchange Network
Fresno Yosemite International Airport
Personal Computing Devices