AD2-ITS Data Warehouse (Fresno IEN)




This service package includes all the data collection and management capabilities provided by the ITS Data Mart, and adds the functionality and interface definitions that allow collection of data from multiple agencies and data sources spanning across modal and jurisdictional boundaries. It performs the additional transformations and provides the additional meta data management features that are necessary so that all this data can be managed in a single repository with consistent formats. The potential for large volumes of varied data suggests additional on-line analysis and data mining features that are also included in this service package in addition to the basic query and reporting user access features offered by the ITS Data Mart.

Includes Elements

City of Fresno Traffic Operations Center
FCRTA Transit Management Center
Clovis Traffic Operations Center
Clovis Transit Management Center
Caltrans D6/CHP Central Valley TMC
FAX Transit Management Center
Local Jurisdiction Public Works
Fresno Information Exchange Network