Field Barrier System Control Functional Area


Field elements that control barrier systems such as gates and other systems that manage entry to roadways, transportation facilities and infrastructure.

Included In

Caltrans D6 Security Detection
Caltrans D6 Vehicle Detection Systems
City of Fresno Safety Monitoring Device

Functional Requirements

1The field element shall activate barrier systems for transportation facilities and infrastructure under center control. Barrier systems include automated or remotely controlled gates, barriers and other systems that manage entry to roadways.
2The field element shall return barrier system operational status to the controlling center.
3The field element shall return barrier system fault data to the maintenance center for repair.
4The field element shall receive requests for access from approaching vehicles using field-vehicle communications and validate and authenticate the requests.
5The field element shall grant access only to qualified vehicles.
6The field element shall communicate access permission status and access instructions to approaching vehicles using field-vehicle communications.