Transit Vehicle Assignment Functional Area


Assigns individual transit vehicles to vehicle blocks and downloads this information to the transit vehicle, updating assignments as necessitated by changes. It also provides an inventory management function that stores attributes about each of the transit vehicles.

Included In

FCRTA Transit Management Center
Clovis Transit Management Center
FAX Transit Management Center

Functional Requirements

1The center shall assign individual transit vehicles to transit blocks.
2The center shall download vehicle assignments to the transit vehicle prior to the start of the day’s operations.
3The center shall provide an exception handling process for the vehicle assignment function. This process shall generate new supplemental vehicle assignments as required due to change events which occur during the operating day.
4The center shall provide an inventory management function for the transit facility that stores functional attributes about each vehicle owned by the transit operator. The functional attributes permit the planning and assignment functions to match vehicles with routes based on suitability for the types of service required by the particular routes.
5The center shall generate transit vehicle availability listings, current and forecast, to support transit vehicle assignment planning.
6The center shall provide transit operations personnel with the capability to update transit vehicle assignments and receive reports on transit vehicle inventory status.