Fresno Area Express


Fresno Area Express (FAX) is a department of the City of Fresno and is governed by the Fresno City Council. FAX operates fixed route and demand response service seven days a week. The fixed route system has 16 routes and operates primarily within the City of Fresno, although some routes do extend into the neighboring city of Clovis. The demand-response service is known as Handy Ride and FAX Handy Ride is a service designed to meet the transportation needs of eligible persons with disabilities who cannot functionally use the FAX fixed route bus system. FAX is the largest public mass transportation provider in the San Joaquin Valley and carries over 12 million passengers per year. FAX has its own transit management center and information dissemination as well as other elements included in the Fresno County Regional ITS Architecture.

Associated Inventory

FAX Transit Management Center
FAX Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
FAX Handy Ride Demand Responsive Transit Vehicles
FAX Automatic Passenger Counter System
FAX Automated Vehicle Location System
FAX Kiosks
FAX Security Detection System
FAX Electronic Fare Payment System
FAX Q Bus Rapid Transit Vehicles
FAX Website
FAX Public Information Office
FAX Metro Pass
FAX Mobile Application