ATIS01-Broadcast Traveler Information (Local)




This service package collects traffic conditions, advisories, general public transportation, toll and parking information, incident information, roadway maintenance and construction information, air quality and weather information, and broadcasts the information to travelers using technologies such as FM subcarrier, satellite radio, cellular data broadcasts, and Internet web casts. The information may be provided directly to travelers or provided to merchants and other traveler service providers so that they can better inform their customers of travel conditions. Different from the service package ATMS06 - Traffic Information Dissemination, which provides localized HAR and DMS information capabilities, ATIS01 provides a wide area digital broadcast service. Successful deployment of this service package relies on availability of real-time traveler information from roadway instrumentation, probe vehicles or other sources.

Includes Elements

City of Fresno Traffic Operations Center
FCRTA Transit Management Center
Clovis Traffic Operations Center
Clovis Transit Management Center
Fresno County Emergency Operations Center
Fresno COG San Joaquin Valley 511
FAX Transit Management Center
FAX Public Information Office
Local Jurisdiction Public Works
Kern 511